The Importance of Special Needs Organizations

832858_56289157Families with special needs children often are on the lookout for support. With various Special Education programs in schools, their children’s educational needs might be fulfilled, however, the social need for community might still be lacking.

This is where organizations supporting families with special needs children come in. These organizations advocate for the needs of these families, offer family programs for counseling, socializing; and gathers information concerning academic possibilities, traveling accommodations or healthcare options for the children.

Other times, organizations are the backup mechanisms that help families with special needs children fundraise for needed equipment or treatment. Many times, it comes as a surprise to families who discover that their children need more financial support to maintain their health or to rehab their injured body parts. It is here where organizat


ions help in reaping in resources for the families to be able to get much-needed treatment for their children.

One such organization is Easter Seals in Ontario, Canada. They have been providing support for children and youth with physical special needs for more than 90 years. They assist families with the purchasing of often costly mobility equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, communication devices and toileting aids. Camp Merrywood and Camp Woodeden are their two summer camps, where they offer programs during the summer that strive to accommodate special needs children and provide accessibility for them.

Organizations that support special needs children bring in the support of financially wealthy donors and companies, the appearances of famous celebrities and personalities and helps families with special needs kids gain news coverage of their stories. They help make known of the need to have more support for people with physical and psychological differences and are dedicated to serving those who require medical or mental assistance.

A lot of great non-profit organizations work with special needs children up until they become mature and independent, giving them a happy community where they could flourish as healthy human beings.

Some organizations like Parent to Parent USA even goes so far as to match parents with a buddy parent who has a child with the same disability, giving the contacts of each family to each other so that they can support each other and exchange medical information about their children. This is a great way of fostering friendships since many times parents with children with special needs find themselves to have difficulties relating to other families.

Other organizations aiming at building up advocates such as Family Voices provides families with the tools to understand as much as they can about healthcare and education that is available for their children. They help families learn to advocate for important policies that would affect their children with special needs. They also empower young people with special needs so that they may become advocates themselves for those who struggle the same way that they do.

Organizations supporting families with children with special needs could work with the government, schools and general society to better the lives of many. By supporting these organizations, we are helping our society become one that is more nurturing and friendlier to those of us who may find it harder to achieve the same goals as others.


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