Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

UntitledHaving a baby will definitely change the way you live and turn everything upside down. Your child and you will have to learn about each other and adjust to the new situation. They have left your womb and taken their place in the world, so it’s natural to want to protect them from everything and show them everything at the same time. Sleeping is always a big concern with parents. You will hear from everyone that you will be sleep deprived and nervous, but that can change. There are ways to help your child and yourself sleep through the night.


Use the ‘good noise’

While in the womb, your baby is protected from pretty much everything, but they can still hear all kinds of things, the loudest of them all is the sound of mommy’s heart. Blood pumping is really loud, and your baby is used to that noise before it is even born. This is why they like listening to white noise when they are brought into the world. It can be pretty much anything, even a distant sound of a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner; but if you are not comfortable with having appliances work while you are trying to sleep, you can find white noise CDs and even recordings of it on YouTube. Play them some soothing white noise in the background and they will fall asleep much faster.


1Drowsy vs. Asleep

Knowing exactly when to put your baby down is also important, because if they are used to being carried around, it is going to take them forever to learn to fall asleep on their own. After bath time, gently dry them, and wrap them tightly in their baby swaddle. Be calm and relaxed, your body language is really important when putting your baby to sleep. Once they start getting drowsy, gently put them down in the crib. They will become conditioned to fall asleep on their own, and this means that in the future, even when they wake up in the middle of the night, they will be able to fall asleep on their own. It’s tricky to find the right moment to put your baby down to sleep, but be patient and you will notice when the time comes.


Routine is the key

As mentioned before, this world is something new for tiny tots, and they can be scared of it. It is important to show them stability and routine so they can relax and be calm. Establish a routine and stick to it for as long as it takes your baby to get comfortable. Be active with your baby to make sure their extra energy is spent, and then take a long, relaxing, warm bath to relax all the muscles and prepare for the night. During bath time and afterwards, soft lighting and soothing voices should help your baby fall asleep. Make sure your baby eats, has a bath, and is put to sleep at approximately the same time every day.


Remember, sleeping through the night is a big deal for both you and your baby. You will be happy because you’ll finally be able to relax a bit, and it means that your baby is adjusting well to the environment. Remember to stay calm and relaxed throughout this process, because your child will pick up on it and be calmer too.




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