Technology aids rural stroke patients

Technology has helped us as human beings drastically in the past century. The advancement of programs, systems and devices has all contributed to the increase of human survival rates and easier lifestyles. Medication and health are no exception to the positive effects of technology advancement in society today. In an article from the Toronto Metro […]

The stages of child development

There are certain milestones that a child should reach as he develops. If this does not occur, it is possible that a child may have a neurological disorder or developmental delay. However, some of these conditions are preventable. With early detection and the proper treatment and care, a child may be able to overcome his […]

Is stem cell treatment the cure to cerebral palsy we’ve all been waiting for? takes a closer look at this hot topic.

I know that I am touching very “hot” topic:  stem cell treatment which is advertised everywhere and has been discussed in almost every corridor in clinics and hospitals. According to some online ads, stem cell treatment is a “revolutionary breakthrough” in the treatment of cerebral palsy. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about this […]

Wondering why your child’s therapy isn’t yielding results? Take a closer look at the attitude behind the methods

I’ve been working with children with neurological disorders for over 23 years. Yet every single day I continue to be surprised by how little we know about children who are labelled as “disabled.” We (therapists), with all post-graduate degrees and training on new techniques and treatment approaches, a lot of times still find it hard […]