Sensory Challenge

How to set the right level of challenge for your child   We all love challenges, kids especially. Challenges drive and motivate us to do things. Psychology research summarized by Locke and Latham shows the higher the challenge (or goal difficulty), the bigger the effort (or motivation). It also shows that when challenge reaches the […]

Judgement Call

We all know the stereotype: forgetful, irrational, and unstable. It’s easy to see the progress of a teen’s body as they grow into adulthood, but seeing what goes on inside of their heads isn’t quite as easy to understand for parents, who are often disassociated from their children’s mental development.   The stereotypes are correct: as […]

The Best Toys for Special Needs Kids

Special needs children have specific needs and requirements when it comes to play time. They need developmentally appropriate toys and games that could help them grow and practice everyday functions through playing. With the correct toys, even playtime could make a huge impact on the development of your child! We have compiled the specific toys […]