Developmental Disorders Diagnosed with Brainwaves

Source: We love looking at various videos on research done on diagnosing and treating children with special needs. We found this TED Talk clip with award-winning neuroscientist Aditi Shankardass, who pioneered clinical work using electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings of the brain to help diagnose developmental disorders in children. She completely redefined the traditional approach of […]

Overcoming Epilepsy

Living with epilepsy can be difficult and overwhelming for both children and adults. It can consume a person’s life and disrupt one from living a functional and relatively normal lifestyle in fear of a seizure episode. However, the Andrews-Reiter Epilepsy Research Center in Santa Rosa, California has an innovating program: a novel approach to epilepsy […]

A Healthy, Happy Belly

 In the Toronto Metro newspaper online, a concerned mother–now registered pediatric nutritionist–discusses how simply paying attention to what we feed our children can have positive effects on conditions such as attention deficit disorder, autism and epilepsy. To read more click the link below.–a-healthy-belly-is-a-happy-belly