Ten Things to Look For in Early Childcare

Finding the best early childcare for your toddler can be overwhelming and pressure-filled as you consider all that you want for your child. Not only do you want to choose a facility that will meet your child’s needs, but also, as a conscientious parent, you want an environment that is safe, enriching, and nurturing. Visiting […]

High School Students Get Health Report Card

Students are at the highest risk of developing life-threatening diseases in their near future. They have reduced the amount of time they are active and have shown increased tendencies towards poor eating habits and diets. This has caused great concern for a high school in New Brunswick which is developing a health report card for […]

Child health reports says kids at risk

CANADA – According to the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS), Canada needs to devote more of its efforts to the health and safety of its children. Based on Tuesday’s biennial report, federal, provincial and territorial governments can take concrete steps to “better protect and promote kids’ health and well-being in areas such as injury and disease […]