The Impact of Toys on the Learning Process

Various toys can be used to support the learning and developmental process of infants, toddlers and young children. Choosing toys that are suitable for a child’s age and cognitive abilities will support the child’s development. One of the most important aspects in the development of infants is their ability to explore their environment, and therefore, […]

Child health reports says kids at risk

CANADA – According to the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS), Canada needs to devote more of its efforts to the health and safety of its children. Based on Tuesday’s biennial report, federal, provincial and territorial governments can take concrete steps to “better protect and promote kids’ health and well-being in areas such as injury and disease […]

Brain Find Sheds Light on Autism

A Stanford University team has taken a sample of skin cells for research from people with Timothy syndrome, a rare condition found to have ties to autism. With the skin cells, researchers were able to generate brain cells to examine their development and test out possible treatments. Timothy syndrome affects an estimated 20 people across […]