Popular Myths About Asthma – Outgrowing Asthma


As part of our newest series of blogs, we are going to address some of the misconceptions people have about asthma. When people are misinformed about the concrete facts when it comes to their health, the decisions they make can have a negative impact on their overall quality of life. Our mission is to inform readers about how to take care of their bodies so that healthy living can be incorporated into everyday routine.


Despite the persistent rumors that asthma is a childhood disease that most people grow out of in adulthood, the reality is that asthma is chronic treatable health condition. This myth originates from the tendency for asthma symptoms to become better as a person enters adolescence and adulthood. However, there remains no cure for asthma and even though the symptoms may lessen in intensity, the condition will not completely disappear.


The key to not allowing your asthma to control your life is to seek out immediate diagnosis and treatment if you believe you are suffering with symptoms. For concerned parents, it is important to also consider the possibility that the products you introduce into your home may contain chemicals that may cause asthma and allergies. According to the Environmental Working Group and the University of Birmingham, there are 45 studies that propose a link between certain plastics chemicals found in consumer products and asthma. Be sure to check out the links in the resource section for a detailed account of what substances are under question.




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Asthma Society of Canada – The Top 10 Asthma Myths






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