Making Family Time a Priority


Making Family Time a Priority


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Although it may have been easy to spend time with the family over the summer, the fall and winter months bring a whole new set of challenges to families. With children returning to school, and all the stress that accompanied the holiday season, in hand with the pressures of the New Year, you may find it increasingly difficult to make family time a priority as your schedule becomes more hectic. Despite the difficulty, it is not impossible to prioritize family time – continue reading for some helpful tips to make the New Year more meaningful than ever.


Quantity and Quality


One of the most important things to remember about family time is to define this time by quality instead of quantity. Trying to spend every second of your free time together is unrealistic. Instead, aim to prioritize your time together by engaging, interacting and communicating with each other. One hour of talking to your child is certainly better than five hours of watching television in silence with them. By emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity in your everyday life, you will be able to make the time that you do spend together more meaningful and beneficial.




Most of us are overscheduled. From school, to working full-time, to extracurricular activities, it is far too easy to become overwhelmed with all your responsibilities. Aim to create at least one day in the week where you and your family have some free time to relax with one another. Although it is important to leady an active and healthy lifestyle, we all need some down time to unwind and manage the stresses of everyday life. This means saying ‘no’ to certain things in order to avoid that stressful feeling of being overwhelmed.




Family dinners are a great way to structure your family time and introduce some regularity into everyone’s schedules. While it may not be realistic to eat dinner together every single night, make sure to establish certain days that your family always has a meal together. Don’t forget to maximize the quality of this time by switching off televisions, computers and cell phones. Catch up with one another about the day’s events by having meaningful conversations that will bring your family closer together.


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