Developmental Disorders Diagnosed with Brainwaves

Aditi Shankardass


We love looking at various videos on research done on diagnosing and treating children with special needs. We found this TED Talk clip with award-winning neuroscientist Aditi Shankardass, who pioneered clinical work using electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings of the brain to help diagnose developmental disorders in children.

She completely redefined the traditional approach of diagnosing developmental disorders in children. Looking at the brain instead of the behavior, gives radical answers to conditions of attention disorders (ADD, ADHD), autism spectrum disorders (autism, Asperger syndrome), genetic disorders (Down syndrome, William syndrome), epilepsy, seizure and sleep disorders.

In her video, she mentions that there is one in six children who suffer from some developmental disorder. Her intuition was that to diagnose and treat a brain disorder, wouldn’t it be natural to look directly at the brain?

The account of seven-year-old Justin Senigar being diagnosed with EEG technology that he was suffering from brain seizures and not autism unlocked his mind from his body. He went on going to a regular school and became a karate super champ.

We are inspired to share this with you, because we believe that with not only more research, but with more patience and the willingness to allow your child to try different therapies or treatments, their full potential will be unlocked.

Don’t pigeonhole your child’s diagnosis, have faith that they are amazing creations who are just waiting for the chance to shine.

What are your thoughts on this new technology? Would you give your child an opportunity to try it out?

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