Daily Lifestyle Tip – Antibacterial Household Products

In our latest “Daily Lifestyle Tip” we have decided to focus on the growing concern over the use of antibacterial agents within the home. To the average person, the use of antibacterial products in the home would seem like the perfect solution to avoiding dirt and disease.


However, according to the Centre for Disease Control, these products do not demonstrate any added health benefits compared to similar products without antibacterial properties. In fact, there is growing scientific concern that the use of these products in healthy households is creating bacteria that is more resistant to these products. This can lead to a weakened immune system as well as an increase in the likelihood of allergic conditions in children.


Antibacterial products were originally used in hospitals because sick patients required a sterile environment in order to get better. However, when already healthy people rely on antibacterial products, the results can do more harm than good.




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