Daily Food Quick Tip – Tea

Daily Food Quick Tip – Tea



For those trying to attain a healthier lifestyle, beginning a regular exercise routine is a great first step towards living a healthier life. By making sure that your body is in the best shape possible, you can optimize the way you feel inside and outside of the gym.

However, exercise poses a special problem among those dealing with asthma. The wheezing and lung inflammation that accompanies the disease tends to worsen during and after exercise. According to a study conducted by the University of Tel Aviv, the muscle relaxing properties of caffeine may help to combat the post-workout symptoms that asthmatics may face.


So try drinking a cup of tea prior to beginning your daily workout. The natural tendency for your lungs to spasm can be aided by caffeine’s ability to relax and dilate the muscles in your airway. When exercise becomes less of a physical threat to asthmatics it will become easier to incorporate working out into everyday life.







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