Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer, many doctors will often advise a change in diet as one of the first steps in treatment. The Canadian Cancer Society maintains that one third of all cancers can be prevented by eating well. Although most cancer fighting foods are promoted as such because of the vitamins and nutrients contained within them, it is important to remember that the body tends to better absorb these compounds in their natural form. Try to avoid synthetic pills and opt instead for the natural thing. A healthy diet rich in cancer fighting foods will help you to both look and feel your best as you prepare to deal with a difficult diagnosis. Continue reading for our top five cancer fighting foods!



1. Carrots


The beta-carotene contained within carrots is great for fighting cancer because it is converted by your body into vitamin A. Carrots are not necessarily the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen, but you can get your daily serving of vitamin A by making a fresh juice containing carrots and fruit. For those who don’t enjoy the taste of carrot juice, the addition of fruit helps to mask the flavour.


2. Red and Yellow Peppers


Red and Yellow Peppers are incredibly rich in vitamin C, assisting with the neutralization of toxins and the strengthening of your immune system. For those who would rather have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, keep in mind that red and yellow peppers are actually a better source of vitamin C than oranges.


3. Sunflower Seeds


These little seeds are filled with cancer fighting power due to their abundance of Zinc and vitamin E. As mentioned above, vitamin C is great for neutralizing toxins and strengthening the immune system – however the zinc contained within sunflower seeds promotes this process while also accelerating healing time.


4. Tomatoes


According to a Harvard study, the consumption of seven to ten helpings of tomatoes a week has an influence on both cancer symptoms and the disease itself. The active cancer-fighting ingredient in tomatoes is lycopene, which assists in the reduction of fat levels, functions as a strong antioxidant, and gives tomatoes their red colour. Make sure to thoroughly cook your tomatoes prior to consumption because more lycopene is release by a tomato in its cooked form.




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