Breastfed babies ‘are more cranky and cry more’

UNITED KINGDOM – Experts advise new moms that it is normal for babies to cry more if they are breastfed. The Medical Research Council (MRC) team says that their irritability and crankiness is natural and that breastfeeding is still the best option. The Department of Health recommends that mothers solely breast feed for the first six months. Most women stop breastfeeding because breast milk alone is not satisfactory for the baby. MRC scientists state that a child’s irritability is normal and a natural way of communicating his or her needs. As a result, it should not be a cause for alarm. A lead investigator Dr. Ken Ong acknowledges, “Bottle-fed babies may appear more content, but research suggests that these infants may be over-nourished and gain weight too quickly.” To read more about the study, click the link below.

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