BPA levels jump after eating canned soup

Adults who consume canned soup show increased levels of plasticizer BPA in their urine. The Journal of the American Medical Association is one of the first to measure BPA levels in people who have eaten canned foods compared to people eating fresh foods. BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic for bottles, food containers, and the protective lining in metal cans. In the new study, researchers randomly assigned volunteers to eat a 340-gram serving of canned vegetarian soup every day at lunch for five days. Two days after this period, the same participants repeated the assignment with fresh soup that was prepared without any canned ingredients. There was a 1,000 percent increase in urinary BPA after the consumption of one serving of canned soup daily over a span of five days. Rick Smith, executive director of the advocacy group Environmental Defense emphasizes the importance of the study and called on the federal government to get the food industry to decrease the BPA levels in canned food. For more information on the study, click the link below.


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