Bacteria found in formula sicken third infant

A Missouri baby is the third infant sickened by a rare bacteria, Cronobacter sakazakii, which is linked to tainted powdered baby formula. Avery Cornett of Lebanon, who was 10 days old, died after consuming Enfamil Newborn powdered infant formula made by Mead Johnson. From previous cases, powdered formula has been linked to illnesses caused by the bacteria. The connections between the cases still remain unclear, but U.S. officials are waiting for results after testing powdered formula with distilled water (used to prepare it). The bacteria is extremely dangerous to babies less than one month old or those born premature. It is found in the environment and in plants such as wheat and rice, and previously has been traced to dried milk and powdered formula. Powdered formula is not sterile, and there is no adequate way to remove all the bacteria found in the formula before and during production. For more on this story, click the link below.

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  1. Please note that “bacteria” is a plural word, so “sicken” should follow it in the title, rather than “sickens.” “A rare bacteria” is like saying “a rare dogs” so greater care should be taken with your grammar. “Bacterium” is the singular form of this word.

    Otherwise, this is important news to share, and I’m glad you did!

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