A Special Needs Child’s Christmas Wish List


Kids’ Christmas wish lists these days are getting longer and longer. What with the continual development of digital devices and on-screen games, it is of no surprise that parents complain of more and more costly holiday gifts to get their children each year.

But, what would a child diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, pediatric stroke or other special needs want for Christmas?

The list might be much simpler than you thought it would be:

  1. A fun day out without name-calling or strange looks.
  2. A successful session with the physical therapist where a major daily function (e.g. standing / walking) is finally mastered.
  3. Ordering food at a restaurant with a waiter that is not impatient and would take the time to note down the order given through speech impairments.
  4. A class at school where there is equality and encouragement to participate like other students.
  5. Being able to grasp an ice-cream cone for the entire process of eating and not dropping it.
  6. A warm hug from a parent, teacher, friend or even stranger.
  7. Successfully balancing and walking on a pavement curb.
  8. A family gathering where all relatives are happy and ready to interact.
  9. A trip to the nearest amusement park where all the facilities are accessible by wheelchairs or walkers.
  10. Peers that do not make fun of, but simply befriend, laugh and live life together.


Too hard to achieve? We don’t think so. Every single item on this list is achievable if we put our mind to making equality happen for people with special needs.

This Christmas, give the gift of making a special needs child’s life better. It starts with the seemingly small and taken-for-granted items.



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