4 Easy Projects For Boredom Busting

Every mom knows what a struggle it is to keep your children entertained. This is particularly challenging when you don’t want them to spend all of their free time playing video games on PCs or phones. What are we left with – countless hours of TV, which can surely keep their focus, but is bad for their eyes and bodies. Kids need to explore, have fun, and be creative. Luckily, there are ways to keep them occupied when boredom kicks in.



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Make string balls

String balls are not only easy to make, but they also look great when used as decoration, chandelier, or a lamp. All you need are a few balloons, some yarn, and glue, but you can add different colours or materials as well, thus turning it into a more challenging project. Blow up the balloons, soak yarn into glue and wrap it around balloons. Leave it all to dry and afterwards let the air out of the balloons – you are left with interesting string balls your kids can keep in their own rooms.


DIY flower girl basket

An interesting and fun activity for mums and daughters is making their own flower girl basket. When a girl is invited to a wedding and given the role of flower girl, people tend to put in extra effort to find a beautiful dress and forget about all other details. This is a good opportunity for mum and daughter to bond and still create something beautiful. Adorn your girl’s basket with faux pearls, dried flowers, and satin ribbons that match her flower girl sashes. Not only will it make her look sophisticated, but it will add glamour and elegance to the entire outfit.



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Up-cycle old CDs

You probably have plenty of old CDs that you don’t use and have no idea what to do with them. So why don’t you up-cycle them and make beautiful new boxes? Cut them into small pieces, they don’t have to be the same size or shape, and you and your children can decorate old photo or mirror frames, add a bit of style to boring old boxes, make stylish new vases, or even decorate boring old plates.



Melted crayon art

Playing with crayons can be really fun, but what to do when you have plenty of half-spent ones no one wants to use anymore? The easiest thing is to gather all those crayons you don’t use anymore (or even buy a new pack) and create little works of art. Glue them onto a big white paper, and use hair dryer to melt them. Once melted, they will create wonderful patterns on paper which you can later change by adding different details, for example little umbrella in the midst of colourful rain.

Not all children like the same things, and sometimes one child will fall in love with an activity the other one finds utterly boring. There is no need to push them, allow them to explore for themselves, and find activities they enjoy and find to be the most fun. Who knows, maybe after a while they will be able to teach their old mum and dad a few useful tricks.




What other activities do you do with your kids to fight against boredom? Let us know in the comments section below! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and families! :)

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  1. This is a terrific list of crafts – thanks. I am definitely going to try the string ball one. It’s so deceptive, as if wrapped around air! Generally we used Jumpstart Crafts or
    Activity Village for our craft ideas. Now that our boys are older, we try a variety of crafts from other places. The best part about the ball of string is how string can be made to hold a shape, which is against its nature. Once again, your list is super useful!

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