3 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil


  • Calming Effect: Lavender oil helps calm the nervous system, which makes it great for addressing anxiety, headaches,migraines, insomnia and stress! In one study, a group of test-taking graduate nursing students inhaled lavender and rosemary oil before their exams. They experienced less anxiety and improved cognitive functioning! Also, in a few clinical trials, elderly patients who replaced their sleep medication with a few drops of lavender oil dropped on their pillows or in a diffuser, had better quality sleep and were even more alert the following day.


  • Skin Care: The natural antiseptic and soothing qualities of lavender oil make it great for maintaining healthy skin. You can use it topically on the skin (a few drops of lavender oil diluted with a carrier oil) to treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It can even help speed up the healing of cuts and wounds by preventing infection. Make sure to test it on small areas of the skin in case you have a sensitivity reaction.


  • Muscle Ache Relief: Lavender oil is excellent at bringing pain relief to the body’s muscles and joints. This is great for people who suffer from soreness, backaches, tight muscles, sprains, joint problems, etc. Rub some diluted lavender oil on the affected areas of the body and massage gently to soothe the aches away. You can also soak yourself in a nice bath prepared with Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oil.


***Please take care to use lavender oil in small amounts. Being exposed to large quantities of it can be toxic. Always consult your health care provider when using it in conjunction with other medicines or treatments.



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